For academics
This document presents the framework for use by academics seeking appointment, professional development and/or promotion. It can also be used by managers reviewing or evaluating appointment/appraisal/promotion cases. The document highlights the four key stages involved in using the framework:
  • review the broad routes to professional development and career progression on the basis of teaching and learning (learn more)
  • identify current achievements and career progression goals based on the promotion criteria for each framework level (learn more)
  • identify and collect evidence to demonstrate achievements in university teaching and learning (learn more)
For senior university managers
This summary document is aimed at senior university managers with an interest in adopting the framework within their institutions. It addresses the following questions:
  • Why was the framework developed?: the goals and focus of the framework are outlined, along with a summary of the drivers underpinning its development
  • Who should be using the framework?: it is noted that the framework is designed to support the professional development and career progression of university staff that are engaged in any teaching and learning activities as part of their professional role
  • What does the framework provide?: the three major components of the framework are described: (i) the broad principles underpinning career progression/development on the basis of university teaching and learning, (ii) promotion criteria for progression, and (iii) guidance of how to identify and collect evidence of teaching achievement
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Published: April 2016

For the teaching and learning support and research communities
The two reports provide further information about how and why the framework was developed:
  • The interim framework: an interim version of the framework was published in February 2016, which also contained further information about the context for the framework’s development and the research underpinning its design.
  • Previous research: the framework builds on a report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering in March 2015 – Does teaching advance your academic career? – which looked at the perceptions of the recognition of teaching in academic promotion.
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Published: February 2016

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Published: March 2015