Promotion criteria

The Framework’s promotion criteria are conceptualised around the key capabilities that determine achievement at each level, as illustrated in the diagram to the left.
At level 3, career progression splits into two parallel branches – one focused on impact on the educational environment and one focused on impact on educational knowledge – and individuals can opt to focus on one or a combination of these branches. Both branches offer progression to the fourth level, as a recognised global leader in teaching and learning.
It should be noted that the levels are seen as cumulative, with achievement at a higher level expected to be in addition to continuing achievement at lower levels.
Full promotion criteria at each Framework level
Effective teacher
The effective teacher takes a conscientious and reflective approach, creating positive conditions for student learning and demonstrating effective teaching delivery that develops over time.
Skilled/collegial teacher
The skilled and collegial teacher takes an evidence-informed approach to their development as a teacher, providing mentorship to their peers to support a collegial and collaborative educational environment.
Scholarly teacher
The scholarly teacher makes a significant contribution to pedagogical knowledge by engaging with and contributing to the scholarly research literature which, in turn, influences educational practice.
Institutional leader
The institutional leader in teaching and learning makes a significant contribution to enhancing the environment for inclusion and excellence in teaching and learning within and beyond their institution.
National/global leader
The national and global leader in teaching and learning makes exceptional contributions to teaching and learning in higher education through national and global influence and leadership. The successful candidate would demonstrate contribution to educational practice (for example, through advancing global partnership or leading multi-institutional educational reform) and/or impact on pedagogical research.