To what extent is your academic career based around teaching?

Academic roles typically comprise a range of elements: teaching, research and other professional activities, such as administration or technology transfer. The balance between each of these activities varies considerably between individuals. For example, one academic may focus predominantly on teaching and learning (as illustrated by profile A in the figure opposite), while another may give priority to research with only a minimum of teaching duties (profile C in the figure), and another may achieve a balance of time between teaching and research (profile B in the figure).
What these individuals share is some level of responsibility for teaching and learning, and this activity – like all others in an academic’s portfolio – should develop and strengthen as the academic progresses through their careers.

For academics wishing to use the framework, they must first identify the prominence that teaching and learning will play in their career development: for example, do they wish their career progression to be based predominantly on their educational achievements (profile A in the figure above) or will teaching will play a much less significant role in their case for career advancement (profile C in the figure above).