Who supported the framework’s development?

The framework, and the research underpinning its development, was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The study was guided and supported by an advisory group of Fellows from the Royal Academy of Engineering Standing Committee for Education and Training.
The framework and study were authored by an independent consultant, Dr Ruth Graham. Her work is focused on fostering change in higher education; helping to improve teaching and learning worldwide and supporting the emergence of technology-driven entrepreneurship.
University partners
The framework is currently being evaluated by a group of universities from across the world. Their insights will both help to improve the framework’s design and provide guidance for other institutions using it in the future.
We are particularly grateful to the engineering academics, researchers, teachers, university managers and educational professionals from across the world who contributed so generously to the study by giving their time and sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise.
External reviewers
Eleven individuals provided feedback and advice on the draft version of the framework at the close of the first of the study (in August 2015). These individuals offer a range of experiences and perspectives, and include those with personal experience of reforming university promotion processes as well as experts in university teaching and learning and the evaluation of teaching achievement.

Pernille Andersson

Educational Consultant, LearningLab DTU, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Lori Breslow

Founding Director Emeritus, MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT, US

Edward Crawley

President, Skoltech, Russia

Susan Kay

Director, Engineering Professors Council, UK

Alan Murray

Assistant Principal (Academic Support), University of Edinburgh, UK

Stephen McHanwell

Professor of Anatomical Science, School of Medical Education, Newcastle University, UK

Thomas Olsson

Academic Developer, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

Martyn Peggie

Deputy Director of HR, University of Edinburgh, UK

Elena Rodriguez-Falcon

Professor of Enterprise and Engineering Education, University of Sheffield, UK

Katerina Winka

Director, Centre for Educational Development (UPL), Umeå University, Sweden

Khairiyah Mohd Yusof

Director of the Centre for Engineering Education, Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
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